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Virden Pet Network Articles

This is a page of news and information about pets. The articles below will open as PDF files. Most computers already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, which is needed to view PDFs.

Cat Articles:

Crystal: A Homeless Mother's Story
Denzel's Story: How a 13 Year Old Stray Got His Forever Home
Fall is Stray Cat Season. How to Help the Homeless
Control the Allergies, Keep the Kitty
Feline AIDS in the Virden Area
Oh, Grow Up Already... Please!
A Month In The Life of a Former Stray Cat
The "Accident" Prone Cat
Gobblers and Grazers: Cat Eating Disorders

Feral / Community Cat Articles:

Are There Stray Cats in Your Neighborhood?
Helping Feral Cats This Winter
Got Outdoor Cats? Ensure Neighborhood Harmony
Why Feral Cats Don't Belong In Shelters

Dog Articles:

The Trouble With Tethered Dogs

General Pet Articles:

Ten Reasons NOT to Fix Your Pet
Tips for Traveling With Pets
The Blended Pet Family: Soothing Ruffled Fur

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