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Barn Buddies

The "Barn Buddies" program places cats that are unsuitable as house pets on farms or rural properties. In exchange for a safe place to live, Barn Buddy cats will provide rodent control services for free.

And because all the Barn Buddies have been spayed/neutered, health checked and vaccinated, youíll get a healthy cat who wonít produce unwanted kittens and will be less likely to spray, fight or roam.

To Get a Barn Buddy

Donations are gratefully accepted but Barn Buddies are available at no cost to rural dwellers who can provide the following:

  • shelter in heated or working barns, sheds or stables
  • daily food and water... cats canít live on mice alone
  • veterinary care if needed
  • a place to contain them for 7 - 10 days while they bond with their new home.
The Barn Buddies program will allow Virden Pet Network to take in more strays and place them where they can enjoy safe lives and fulfilling careers in pest control!

To get a Barn Buddy, call or email Virden Pet Network:


Phone: (204) 748-6677

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