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Happy Endings

These are the stories of pets who have been adopted from Virden Pet Network. If you've adopted a cat or dog from us, please share your happy ending story and pictures with us.

Rocco Rocks Their World

A german shepherd puppy was found limping along the side of #1 highway, his front leg broken and partially healed. His rescuers brought him to Virden Pet Network on Nov. 11, so we named him Poppy and helped him get adopted (although with his cute face and personality, we didn't have to do much but show his picture). He was adopted by a young couple and now lives on a rural property just outside of Virden where he's growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes his old injury still bothers him. But otherwise, he's one happy boy who went from the ditch to a forever home in just a few days.

From Dumpster Diver to Couch Potato!

Maya and her sister Emma, both tiny torties, were rescued from a dump last fall. Maya was adopted first and is now enjoying the good life she deserves with her loving family and special friend Zoey (on the left), also a tortoiseshell. Their mom says: "Maya has adjusted quite nicely, as you can see her and Zoey get along really well. Zoey looks after her and likes to clean her. They are always cuddling with each other."

Munchkin: A Cinderella Story

When a ragamuffin becomes transformed into a princess, she has to shed the remnants of her old life. And so Munchkin was renamed Bella by her new family in Brandon. She has the lifestyle (and the wardrobe) of royalty. And the adoration of her loyal subjects, as all benevolent rulers should! Long live Princess Bella!

Ginger's Come Home after 3 Months Lost!

"We lost our cat Ginger in November and you so kindly posted his photo and information in the Lost and Found page of your website. The other day I received a phone call from Cathy Gerrand. She had a stray cat she’d had on her farm since just before Christmas. When we arrived the cat was very thin, through no fault of Cathy’s, but the tattoo and the bump on his nose proved to be him! We took him home where he settled right in and with going back to his proper diet, he will continue to improve. We’d like to extend a big thank you to you for posting the Lost ad at no charge and for the emails you sent later of possible sightings and ideas of where he might be. If it weren’t for that ad, Ginger would have been lost to us for good and we’d never have found him. Thanks to your efforts and some very kind people, my family has been able to have a happy ending." Shauna Dunning and family.

Joon Picks Her New Dad, Brad

After waiting a year and a half, Joon has been adopted! She went to her forever home in Melita and has a big brother, 4-year-old Keegan, who loves her to pieces. Joon chose her new dad Brad, not the other way around! He and Angela walked in the door ready to adopt a nice quiet cat but it was not to be. Calamity Joon crawled up into Brad's hood and that was that. So they all went home together and say they're very happy with their new daughter. A happy ending, finally, for our dear, hyperactive, charismatic Joon!

Bijou: Rags to Riches Story

Bijou was one of 4 kittens rescued from the dump at Routledge. The other 3 unfortunately died of distemper shortly after being found. But Bijou thrived in her foster home and is still there, the much loved daughter of her adoring mom.

Sister and Brother Go Home Together

Patches and Smokey were adopted by a great family and didn't take long to adopt them right back. Their new mom wrote us the same day they went home:

"I think we're in love!! "Patchy Patch" and "Smokey Smoke" seem to be settling in nicely. Surprisingly Smokey was the first to come up from the basement (where the litter box is) to explore the rest of the house and join our family after Kaeden engaged him in a game of chase the string. We've had lots of fun tonight!!"

Meet Chiji (Chee-Jee)

A message from another of the Siamese kittens: "Here's Chiji cuddlin with his big sister Meiko. They both enjoy each others company for play time, running up and down the house after one another. They wrestle with each other a lot, he learned from her how to kick with his back legs - though it was funny to watch when he first learned as he was a bit uncoordinated. He is loving the cat tree structure I bought for them, he races up to the top in no time at all since he figured out all the different ways to get up there. All continues to go well here, he is growing fast - and eating lots!!! A big momma's baby :)"

Molly the Siamese Kitten Lands in Brandon

...and in the arms of a loving new sister. Molly was one of the Siamese kittens rescued from a garden shed by a Virden family. Her new parents write: "She has a very healthy appetite and I think she has gained a bit of weight since she has been with us. She is certainly very active when she is not cat-napping in her basket. Both kittens have enjoyed playing with the toy and eating the cat treats provided by the Oak Lake kindergarten students. The kitties certainly thank them for being so thoughtful." -Michelle and Randy Moon.

Darwin Chills Out in the Miniature Hot Tub

Two more siblings from the Siamese litter were adopted together and renamed Darwin and Huxley. This is Darwin enjoying his own private hot tub experience! Their new mom writes: "They wrestle together and often cuddle together for a nap. They sleep with us in the night and try to wake me every morning around 4am. They are super friendly with people that come over to visit and everyone falls in love with them. Thanks again for the kittens, they are a joy to have around. We love them so much." -Genevieve and Cory.

The Lady Who Started the "Dynasty": Crystal

Yes, the kittens' mom got her happy ending too. Here she is enjoying a well deserved retirement with her new family in Virden. Her parents and her sweet little doggy brother are thrilled with her and she with them. (And as long as everyone remembers that she's the queen of the castle, peace will reign in the land.)

Griffin & Olivia Take Over

An update from Griffin and Olivia's new family: "The kids are doing well...Griffin is a tank, getting huge, and Olivia is this tiny, dainty little thing! Attached are a few pics of the two wingnuts sleeping in the highchair!"

Hobo Has a New Home, New Friend, New Name, New Everything

Hobo is the short kid in front, with his new buddy Hudson watching his back. Hobo, now called Stinkie for reasons known only to his adoptive family, is feline leukemia positive (FeLV). Which would likely have been a death sentence for a homeless cat in his predicament.

But two loving, kind ladies came to his rescue and promised to give him an indoor home with no other cats for as long as he lives. And with friends like them and Hudson watching his back, Hobo could live a long time.

Sweetie's Adoptive Mom Sends an Update

Sweetie (on the right) was adopted once before, returned to the rescue when a baby came along, and waited a long time to be adopted again. Fortunately, this one seems to be a keeper! Her new mom writes:

"Sweetie is cuddling with Penny, a stray I took in that had been dumped in town. As you can see, my kitchen table is just one big cat bed. Sweetie comes to me once a day for a nice long patting session. If I stop too soon, she taps me with her paw."

Rima the Free Spirit Settles into Family Life

Rima was a wild one when first rescued (she was named after the wild jungle girl in the novel Green Mansions). She would hiss and howl like a banshee until she learned to trust. Luckily she calmed down and was adopted by a cat lovin' lady who says Rima rules the roost, playing queen bee to a couple of big dogs and a new little brother kitten.

Rizzo & Jasmine

You may remember the two starving, sick kittens we rescued from a feral colony of cats at the Routledge dump? The ones whose eyes were practically ruined by a raging infection? Well, here they are now at home with their adoptive mom in Fort McMurray, AB. And they can see her and their new home just fine.

(Rizzo is the white cat, his sister Jasmine is the black blob to the left of him!)

Ben: "The Perfect Cat in My Eyes"

Ben, the ginger tabby, with his new sister Molly in front showing who's boss. Ben was rescued in Elkhorn a few months ago and now calls Brandon home.

Ben's new dad, Ryan, says "Ben and Molly have become good friends. They play together lots and spend most of the day chasing each other around the house. Ben is such a great cat!"

PT, Sophie and Maggie: Three's a Family

"There has been no sign of any of the 3 recognizing their names but when you call Lunch you should see the 3 tear up the floor to get to the kitchen. It is incredible. These little kittens purr in sync and it is just beautiful to hear. It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you." -Ronnie, Carolyn and the kids (Brandon, MB)

Tater: From Foundling to Fur Baby

Tater (now Leica) was rescued from the rafters of the Kola Feed Mill by a cat-loving employee who already had 6 of her own. So we put him up for adoption and soon after, he moved to his new home in Winnipeg.

Tater's new mom wrote us to say, "He's doing wonderful! He's such a busy kitty always playing and finding new things to get into. He just loves my other kitty. He really enjoys sitting on the window sill and watching the birds on the next building. He really is just the cutest fur baby ever!"

Cuddles With Her New Mom

You can see why Janet Gordon had to change Princess' name to Cuddles. What a bond these two have formed since they found each other!

Cuddles was rescued last winter by some children who found her at the toboggan hill. She'll never be cold or hungry again. Janet and those young rescuers are all animal heroes in our books!


Mari is living proof that even the most fearful, skittish stray can turn her life around... with a little help from a "cat whisperer". Mari's adoptive mom was able to reach Mari when few others could, winning her trust almost immediately.

Now Mari plays with toys and romps around the house like a kitten with a second lease on life. She went from the back alleys and dumpsters of Virden to being in rescue at Virden Pet Network to a warm and loving home... a real Cinderella story.

Sunny / Ladybird
Sunny came into our rescue on a sunny Friday in September and was adopted just a few days later. Susan adopted Sunny as a present for her husband and it was love at first sight. "Ladybird is doing great, and has learned already to shake a paw and sit. She was originally going to kind of be an outdoor dog, but that only lasted 2 nights and now rests comfortably on our huge leather sectional with the other two (dogs). Both ears are erect now, and she's already grown quite a bit. She's a cutie." Quite a reversal of fortunes for a little girl who went from the pound to Virden Pet Network to a new family, all in just 7 days.

Once a dirty, scared little stray roaming downtown Virden, Cosette was rescued and brought into our care in the coldest part of last winter. She's now an affectionate, confident and sweet-natured girl who also volunteers as "foster mom" whenever new kittens (like Gracie, shown in the background) come into rescue. She nurtures them, plays with them, and watches over them as they sleep.


Gracie came into rescue after one of our board members noticed her cowering beside a building in Virden, looking lost and hungry. It was only when we picked her up that we noticed Gracie was a natural Manx. It turned out she was special in many other ways too... so special, her new mom and dad couldn't resist taking her home. They weren't really looking for a Manx, but are sure happy they got this one.


Sumo was adopted from the Virden Pet Network Christmas Eve, 2007. His new mom says he's doing great with his adoptive sister cats, Sara and Sharon, and his little brother Ira. After spending a year on the street existing on hand outs, this is indeed a happy ending for a wonderful boy. Live long and prosper, Sumo!


This young'un is living proof that networking works. His owners wanted a good farm home for Harley to grow up on and asked us to put him on this website. A few days later, we were called by a man in need of a new best friend on his farm. Virden Pet Network connected him with Harley's owners and the very next day, Harley went home. We sure love a happy ending!


Bailey arrived in rescue on a cold November day and right from the very start, he knew he wanted to be somebody's one and only. Now he is! Bailey was adopted by a lovely Virden lady who had recently lost her elderly dog. She says she's had a few "chats" with Bailey about whether cats should be allowed to sit on dining tables, but otherwise Bailey is behaving himself like a gentleman and is enjoying sharing the bed with his one and only.


This is Dreyton and his new little brother, Frank (named by Dreyton himself)! Dreyton chose Frank from the pictures of 7 kittens on our bulletin board at True Value Hardware. His mom Sherri says, "I would love for people to know how great it is to add a pet to the family and how much fun it can be! Thanks for hooking so many families up with pets." (August, 2007)

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