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High School Helpers

The High School Helpers program lets students earn a course credit by volunteering at Virden Pet Network. It's part of the collegiate's Community Service program, where students work for a community organization to earn a course credit.

Students who want to help pets at our rescue can do so in one of two ways:

1. Foster a cat or kitten in your home for a period of time designated by the high school.

2. Work the required number of hours (usually 110) at the Pet Network by doing clean up chores and interacting with the cats to help develop their social skills.

This program is also available to mature students wanting to complete their education.

The work is fun and rewarding. So if you love cats (required) and are willing to put in the hours, talk to your principal at the school and then contact Virden Pet Network for more information.


Phone: (204) 748-6677

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