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Memorials For Pets

These memorial announcements are for anyone who has lost a pet. Email us a photo and some words about your pet to

We don't charge for this service but memorial donations made in the name of your pet are greatly appreciated. They will help us continue to rescue homeless animals. Click here for donation information.

Sushi: Mar. 4, 1999 - Apr. 9, 2012

Sushi was born on March 4th, 1999, and her daughter, Tiger, on March 4th, 2000. They both joined our family from the Brandon Humane Society on March 15th, 2002.
Sushi had a pretty face with a very quiet voice. Her meows and purrs were barely audible. She was very protective of Tiger and raced to her rescue if anyone (especially our son's two large dogs) interfered with her "baby".
Sushi was a docile cat, happy in the world of her choice - our sunroom with its numerous out-of-the-way places to nap or chairs they claimed as their own. She seldom ventured outside - a few cautious steps on the green grass in the back yard then back to the safety of indoors.
In 2003, Sushi and Tiger were joined by China Doll, a shih tsu puppy and much later in 2010 by Buddy, a totally blind 5-year-old, also a shih tsu. In no time, our four furry friends became one happy family.
In late March, Sushi showed signs of serious illness and after a series of tests, it was determined she had a tumor. We did not want her to suffer through surgery that could only have meant prolonging her suffering. Thanks to our wonderful pet caregivers, Sushi went to sleep in her beloved sunshine world on April 9th, 2012.
We love you, Sushi; rest in peace. -Jean & Gerry Gatey

Tiger (Tubs): RIP March 25, 2012

Tiger, or Tubs as he was affectionately known to all of his friends and family, came to us from Brandon Humane Society in 2005. He quickly became part of our family, a loyal and loving companion, and a friend. He teased Sam, our other cat mercilessly, but we loved him just the same. Soon, there was not a day went by without us being part of Tiger's world and he ours.

Sometimes he seemed more like a dog than a cat and came with us for long walks through the woods, enjoying every new smell and sound. Sadly in November of 2009, Tiger was diagnosed with diabetes. A horrible disease, but manageable even though he had to put up with daily injections. Then in January came the worse news. We found that he also had a diseased heart and this was affecting his breathing and circulation.

There was not only the daily injection, but several drugs as well. Tiger bore it all bravely and rarely gave trouble in his twice daily treatments. We were warned by the vet to expect the worse. The prognosis was poor, but she didn't reckon on Tigers fighting spirit.

So, here we are over two years later and our little Tiger has finally lost the battle. Tiger went to sleep at around 12.00 p.m. on Sunday 25th March 2012. Our brave and strong boy has now left us with a huge hole in the world that can never be filled. We loved him so much and not a day will go by that we won't think of him. Rest in peace my little star. If there is any way that we will be able to see you again when the end comes for us. You can bet that we will find you. Goodnight Tubs. -Peter

Phoebe: Sept. 2009 - Nov. 2011

Phoebe was only with us at the rescue for 2 days before she died, a victim of poisoning. During her brief time with us, we were able to trace her tattoo to her owners and learned she had been missing for about 4 months from her Virden home. Although we didn't have much time with Phoebe, we fell in love with her quiet beauty, gentleness and grace. Even when sick, she purred just hearing your voice and seemed to find comfort in being held. Til we meet again, Phoebe...

Sweet: March 18, 2011

Sweet was a gentle-natured tabby stray who became a neighborhood fixture. For many years, she lived "rough" in the area between Wellington St W and Lyons St W from 10th to 11th, making friends with the residents and persuading them to give her food and shelter, both for her and her litters of kittens. Many ladies cared for her over the years, but Sweet liked her independence and never became a house cat. Two years ago, she was spayed and vaccinated. She continued to live freely, dividing her time between her heated outdoor shelter and the home of a special friend who gave her Fancy Feast every morning. We believe Sweet died as a result of a dog attack. She will be sadly missed by all her friends on the block.

Finnegan: June 2008 - Feb. 2011

Our dear Finn (right) passed away at the age of 3, having spent most of his life at Virden Pet Network. Despite the valiant efforts of his vet, Finn's illness and near constant pain could not be cured. He leaves to mourn his best friend Joon (left), his foster mom, Heather, and all the rescue volunteers. Finnegan will be remembered for loving absolutely every cat and kitten that came into rescue. He was the first to literally open up his arms to newcomers and welcome them. He loved climbing trees and wrestling with Joon in the grass. Theirs was a great love story. Rest now, Finn.


Ziggy was discovered living in the halls of a Virden apartment building this winter, avoiding the cold and mooching food. He came into rescue with VPN and was adopted to a farm home where he slowly learned to trust his new family. He was found dead in his sleep Mar. 17, 2010 of unknown causes. We never knew much about Ziggy... where he came from, how he wound up being homeless, not even how old he was. But we'll remember him as a brave and beautiful boy who finally found comfort and safety in the final months of his life.

Papoose the Baby Squirrel

Papoose, we only knew you for one day before your injuries took you away from us. But in just 24 hours, your gentleness, spirit, and bravery touched our hearts and made you part of the family.

We'll never forget you. Sleep well, little one.

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